Thursday, January 4, 2007

Some GDI Informations

Yesterday i just read some pages from the book

Windows Graphics Programming Win32 GDI and DirectDraw®

Feng Yuan
The Feng Yuan is working in mircosoft.  In this space i am going to share some knowledge i got from this book.  So Tell me what a GDI handle is ? like HPEN or HBRUSH or HGDIOBJ ? . Somebody may tell it is a pointer . me too thought like that till yesterday

 Actually Take HGIOBJ as a 32 bit number (it can be pointer or anything).  We all know about the functions GetStockObject(). it is returning a predefined handle. If we call this GetStockObject(WHITE_BRUSH)  from 2 process it will return the same handle(32 bit Number). So what does it means ? it is not residing in user address space. it is in Kernel address space. May be initialized during system start-up.

 The book says that the lower 12 bit of the GDi handle is a index to table. May be that tables stores all other information.The 24th bit position says whether it is a stock object or not. The GDI handle also store information about the type of the handle.

The following function Gives the handle type.
inline unsigned GetObjType(HGDIOBJ hGDIObj)
  return (((unsigned) hGDIObj) >> 16) & 0x7F;

 The return value can be one of the following.
typedef enum
  gdi_objtypeb_dc          = 0x01,
  gdi_objtypeb_region      = 0x04,
  gdi_objtypeb_bitmap      = 0x05,
  gdi_objtypeb_palette     = 0x08,
  gdi_objtypeb_font        = 0x0a,
  gdi_objtypeb_brush       = 0x10,
  gdi_objtypeb_enhmetafile = 0x21,
  gdi_objtypeb_pen         = 0x30,
  gdi_objtypeb_extpen      = 0x50

Fortunately there is an undocumented function in GDI32.dll named GdiQueryTable() . It will return the address of the Table. using that address we can access all handles created by our program. 

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