Friday, January 12, 2007

A small note about UI threads.

What is a UI thread ?? its a normal thread with a windows. thats all . But the danger comes when you are creating MFC window's objects like CFrameWnd inside a normal thread created using CreateThread API function.

For example..

 WINAPI ThreadProc()

    CFrameWnd * p  = new CFrameWnd()'
    p->ShowWindow(1); // normal show..

         TranslalteMsg(); DispatchMsg();
    return 1;

 When this code executes it will crash.. so use normal CreateWindow() function instead of CFrameWnd :: Create()..

If you want to use CFrameWnd use class CWinThread or AfxBeginThread() for creating threads.. Following code shows how it can be done with CWinThread class..

class myThread: public CWinThread

 public  :
    BOOL InitInstance()
         CFrameWnd *ptr = new CFrameWnd();
         pt->Create("0","painter man");

one more thing is you won't need to write a messge loop for this window. This will be autmatically done by this class in CWinThread::Run()..
Life is more easy... 

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