Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just started with generalized Fourier Descriptor

I started working on a new algorithm for image search. This is based on Fourier descriptor. Image is first converted in to a corresponding polar representation.This representation allows to get complete rotation in-variance. This is Because a rotation in Cartesian plane corresponds to a angle shifts in polar domain. So the DFT remains same. This is a simple and great idea.

I also started working on my Engine to add MD2 animation support. The image processing things takes too much thinking time also sometimes makes me dull. Thats why i started this to feed my interests.MD2 animation is simple to implement also to understand. Bone animation is difficult to understand if you are a beginner/intermediate in computer graphics. You may be wondering about which format should be used like that.. I had a looked that before some years. But at that time i didn't got time to implement it. Now sadly i am not remembering much.I should have implemented it that time.

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