Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tracking results using meanshift and bhattacharya distance minimization technique.

In my last post I had said about mean shift algorithm . I  implemented tacking in video frames usiung meanshift algorithm and bhattacharya distance minimaization techniques( ask me if you need more details) . See the video below. ( Video resolution is poor.Please bear with me ).

In my opinion meanshift tracking is not so good,But still it can be useful on some occasions , where you don't want to know the shape of tracking object. It doesn't know anything about the shape of the object.There are other methods exists which are working in shape space and uses the edge detection for shape trasnformation. I have implemented one part of it, need to study some probabilistic modeling for completeing it.

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mannadiar said...

Meanshift....I think this is no Mean achievement!!!
Congratulations KD! Hats off!!!
keep up the good work and WE can accomplish more :-)