Monday, May 7, 2007

Easy way to Disable IME window in an Win32 Application

In this world of Unicode still we often do non Unicode applications. But there is a feature in windows operating system it allows to enter Unicode characters or characters other than basic ascii character set to our application.So What happens is when user press enter key these unicode characters will turn to "????" .Because our application is non Unicode .

So there is a easy way to disappear this IME window when our application comes to front. Microsoft provides api like

1 ImmDisableIme
2 ImmAssociateContext

So if you want to make disappear the ime window for a particular window in you application , you can use ImmAssociateContext.

like ImmAssociateContext(YourHwnd,0) , If don't wan to use the ime feature at all use ImmDisableIme().

The ImmDisableIme will cause to disable IME for all windows in you application .One important thing you should call this function , before any window is created.
Like ImmDisableIme( GetCurrentThreadID()). For an mfc application the best place to call is from CYourApp::InitInstance() , where CYourApp derived from CWinApp.

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