Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Microsoft Visual Studio's intellisense BUG

I have found an interesting bug in VS 6 - VS 2003. (VC++ workspace )
Try typing the following lines ( You may not need to type all in some case ) , wait some time if nothing happens try compiling.

void operator :(int kd)


U will see that it is gone , i mean the VS. it is crashed by its own intelisense.... Suppose if you saved these lines to anyone of your friends projects he will never be able to open his project .. hahaha.. I am sure he will try restarting the OS , (may reinstalling the VS etcc ). Do that with your own riskk.....


Sarath said...

Hi KD,It\'s really an interesting bug. You can report it to Microsoft http://connect.microsoft.com/

msnkd said...

Sarath , I can\'t see any section for posting this infoo . ??

Sarath said...

Yesterday I reported this to Visual C++ Community with a link to your blog.
The bug has been fixed in VS 2005. Yesterday I checked it.
You can report this type of bugs to.